Our story starts with a love for cake...

We are two friends who met while working for a custom cake shop in Murphy, TX many years ago.

In 2013 Michelle moved to Georgia with her husband and son and a second baby on the way.

After an exciting phone conversation we came up with the idea of starting our very own custom cake shop! A few months later, Isa packed her bags and moved out to Georgia with all her cake supplies.

Together we co-parent Michelle's kids and have joined forces to "Steal the moon!" via this cake art business.

We love sharing our love of cake and our love of art with you! 

Isa Vidal, Michelle Salas


And then, there were three...

Before becoming a stay at home mom to my 3 children, I worked in Telecomm for 14 years.  In my youth I was an abstract artist which eventually turned into crafting!  Crafting is extremely rewarding because making something from scratch takes time and dedication.  

I fell in love with "In Love and Cake" after receiving a box of cookies for Christmas from Michelle and Isa. The cookies were so beautiful I did not want to eat them! They were pure art! I love that they took time and dedication. These women are true artists, and I am proud to have them as friends and to be a part of their team! 

Brittany Alverson

Office Manager